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Want to promote your lake, guest house or fishing place? You are welcome to place your advertisments in our site.


Default positioning for front page banners are right side column. It is recommended that banner colours are matched with page colours.
Technical requirements:
file formats: swf or gif.
maximal dimensions for front page banners: 100 x 100 px
file size should not exceed 40kb.
swf banners should have “ClickTag”. (it is recommended to send also *.* fla file) <.p>

Prices per month

Advertisment type price per month
Price for banner in front page 120 Ls
If banner subject is directly related to lakes 105 Ls
Information at particular lake 5 Ls
PR article 50 Ls
Advertisments in sections guest houses, boat bases, licensed fishing etc. 10 Ls
*Minimal time of exposure – 1 month

Additional information

Advertisments are evaluated from nature protection and lakes protection point of view. Payments can be made after service has been delivered, but not later than till the middle of next month. For payments in advance – 7% discount. Agencies receive 15% discount. Special discount can be applied for projects that has positive effect on environment.

Contact person
Jānis Sprūds
e-mail: litrema et

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